Your business, regardless of industry, will thrive on just a few key ideas. Most are the tangible and measurable type. A solid and bankable business plan. A product or service in high demand. But some things vital to a long life for your business are the intangibles that you must bring to the table. Things like integrity. Accountability. Although they say these things can’t be measured, the lack of them surely can. Without the key ingredients of integrity and accountability added to your accounting baseline, your business leaves itself open to a host of problems. Risks such as security breaches, inexperienced or inadequately trained personnel, theft, misappropriation, IRS headaches, and improperly paid invoices or employees are just a few things that could go wrong without someone in charge of your bookkeeping needs who actually knows what they are doing.

With both my expertise and education steeped in accounting, I carry an AAS in Business Administration with a Specialty in Accounting, five certifications including QuickBooks and Excel, as well as years of successful, proven accounting history fulfilling various roles. Positions such as financial analyst for a Berkshire – Hathaway subsidiary, VP of Operations at a large successful law firm, payroll specialist for a restaurant conglomerate and long-term accounting manager for a non-profit have prepared me with the expert knowledge to handle your books properly, as well as the integrity that comes with my hard-earned reputation.

With AIMDFW as your ally for bookkeeping and accounting needs, you can confidently get back to your passion, your customers, and your peace of mind.