When it comes to math and numbers, I’ve always been a nerd. I had to have my math homework ‘just so,’ and if I made a mistake I just started over so I could turn in a clean copy. When I was just sharpening my pencils for my first position in accounting, I had to have my green ledger entries ‘just so,’ perfectly legible and in those little boxes. Some of you remember those.

I’m this old…
…but not this old.

I work hard to maintain every account in perfect standing. Payables go out on time so your vendors and contractors stay happy. Invoices and statements are promptly sent via software that tracks in real time when customers open and view. Payroll goes out on time every time so your employees remain happy. Reports go out to your investors and customers promptly, keeping their faith (and their monies) invested in your product or service. Taxes and liabilities are submitted on time so that your business doesn’t fall into the Comptroller or IRS vortex.

Things can get ugly in there.

Occasionally, mistakes are a natural part of any human endeavor, and business is no exception. Sometimes, you just get a person in the accounting office who is in over their head. It may be that you have found yourself falling behind and need someone to help you catch up with the day-to-day entries, reporting, or tax filing.

Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that my expert services can fix almost any accounting issues your business may have. Once we get the hiccups ironed out, I can then expertly put in place the correct systems to prevent mistakes from happening again. Rolling your accounts forward with accurate information, AIMDFW’s ongoing maintenance will then give you peace of mind that your accounting picture stays clean and secure.

Putting your business’s accounting systems in capable hands frees up your brain so you can get back to the work you love.